Where to Meet Your Chauffeur at KCI Airport

Airport limo service

When arriving at KCI airport, traveling passengers are met inside the terminal at the exit to security by their car service driver.  It can be confusing trying to figure out which baggage claim your luggage is going to come up and we can help you find the proper carousel and assist you with your bags. Photo courtesy of photoxpress.com

A ground transportation service shares a convenience at KCI Airport that isn’t enjoyed at many others.

Your plane has just landed in Kansas City.  As it taxis to the gate, the pilot says that you can pull our your cell phones and other portable electronic devices and turn them on and use them if you can reach them while you are still seated.  You, along with everyone else, cannot wait for your phone to boot after pressing that power button.  After checking to see if anyone sent you text messages or email or left you a voicemail while you were in flight, who is the first person that you need to contact?  Rest assured that when hiring a professional car service in Kansas City you don’t need to worry about contacting its dispatch to find the location of your chauffeur.

Unlike many other airports across the country, Kansas City International Airport makes it very convenient for arriving passengers to meet the people picking them up off their flights.  In fact, it is frequently commented by travelers how nice and easy it is to navigate through.  The short term parking garages are relatively cheap compared to those located in larger cities and are located near the arrival gates and baggage claims making it only a short walk to get inside the terminals.  Car services have added benefits because of the regular business they conduct inside the airport and the inspections completed by the police and security detail.  Properly licensed and permitted chauffeured vehicles are able to be parked curbside at the terminal and the driver is allowed to go inside to meet his passenger.

Because of the ability to park and leave the vehicle unattended at the curb coupled with the unique layout of KCI, arriving passengers are able to have their driver meet them inside almost at the gate.  In reality, travelers are met at the exit to security, but with the floorplan of the airport such as it is, only a short walk is required to get from the gate to the security exit.  From there, if you are traveling with checked bags, your chauffeur will assist you with any carry-on items that you would like help with and walk with you to the baggage claim.

The walk to baggage claim is short making the wait for bags to come up from the belly of the plane seem long.  This is really an illusion as the time that it takes for the carousel to begin operation at other airports is taken up by the long walk, and maybe even a tram ride, required to get from gate to baggage claim area.  On the plus side, this allows you plenty of time to stop and use the restroom or grab a cup of coffee.  After collection of your checked luggage, a brief walk through a couple sets of glass doors and to the center island and your vehicle will be parked waiting for you.

As you can see, the airport in Kansas City is convenient for hiring a car service and locating your chauffeur.  But as we all know, the City is talking about consolidating the current design into a single terminal, so this convenience may not be around for ever.  Enjoy it while you can and place your reservation with us by calling (913) 712-8375 today!