How to Fly First Class Without Having to Pay First Class Prices

Travel first class in both an airplane and by towncar service.

Enjoy such luxuries as wider seats, extra legroom, and complimentary premium beverages when flying in first class. Photo (c) Aaron Kohr via

After using first class airport transportation in Kansas City, upgrade from coach to first class.

We have all seen it while waiting to board the plane. The first class passengers are always the first group to get on and find their seats, their extra wide, extra plush seats with plenty of legroom. And prior to take off, they are even able to enjoy a beverage of their choice if they wish. The snacks handed out to that part of the cabin are far superior to the pouches containing 10 or 12 peanuts handed out to the rest of the fliers. What makes it even worse is that the flight crew parades the rest of the passengers through this elite cabin in such a way that it is like they are rubbing it in your face. Then, after the flight lands in the destination city, as if they didn’t get a chance to enjoy enough luxury, they are the first ones able to deplane and their luggage comes up the carousel first. But there are a few simple ways to be able to enjoy this comfort without necessarily having to pay hundreds of extra dollars.

Let’s first evaluate some of the extra costs you might incur if you continue with your current plan of flying coach. Are you checking any luggage? Only a couple of airlines remain that do not charge you for your first, sometimes your second, piece of checked luggage. The other airlines, well, they can charge you as much as $35 or more for the first piece, $50 or more for the second piece, and even much more for checking more than two pieces of luggage or if one of the checked pieces is a set of golf clubs, snow skis, or overweight. Are you wanting to enjoy a premium or alcoholic beverage in flight? Airlines can often charge as much as $8 each for those premium drinks. What if you get hungry mid-flight and the bag of peanuts isn’t enough for the remain 90 minutes of your air travel? Some airlines sell small snack packages or sandwiches and, like the checked bags and premium beverages, tend to be priced high. Are you a taller person and like extra legroom or prefer to sit in an extra row? You got it. Tack on another few bucks for that. So, checking two bags and having a couple of drinks during your flight can easily add $100 to the ticket that you already paid for.

Did you know that a lot of these add-on items are included in the fare of a first class ticket? When traveling up in the front part of the plane, you are welcome to a wide array for luxury items that are complimentary. Two checked bags, premium and alcoholic drinks, wide seats, extra leg room, a wider selection of snacks and food to choose from, all are a part of the first class experience. But how do you gain access to such benefits?

Probably the easiest way to upgrade your ticket from coach is at the time of check-in. Most airlines will give you the option to add on additional services ranging from in-flight internet, a movie, prepay for any checked bags you might have, or choosing an exit row seat. Most people overlook or ignore the option to upgrade their entire ticket from coach to first class because they think it is too expensive. Truth is that upgrading the ticket may cost a little as $49 per leg. If you are going to check a bag and have a drink in flight, those two items right there almost total as much as upgrading your seat selection. What’s even better is that you may be able to use some of your credit card points or frequent flier miles to pay for the upgrade.

A second way to upgrade your ticket is if you are flying to your honeymoon. When you are checking your bags in with the airline ticketing agent, just drop a little hint that you and your new spouse are flying out on your honeymoon. As a way of saying congratulations to you, the ticketing agent just might upgrade your ticket from those coach seats that you paid for. Who wouldn’t like a free upgrade? After all, you spent enough money on the wedding.

Members of the military traveling to or from training or deployments and wearing their uniforms are sure to grab the attention of everyone that is flying on the same plane. If there are open seats in first class, the flight attendants will often fill those seats with those that are brave enough to fight for our country. In some occasions, people who have bought first class seats for themselves will even give them up to active military as a way of thanking them for the service they provide and keeping us safe.

The next time you are flying and you want to experience the way the rich and famous fly, use these tips to help you upgrade from coach. Of course, you can always begin and end your travel experience in with the first class service of a car service regardless of which seat you sit in with you fly. Arrange your chauffeured transportation by call us at (913) 712-8375.

Do you have any other tips on air travel? If so, leave a comment below. And remember, travel confidently!

What is an airport car service and how is it better than a taxi?

Often times when people are about ready to take a trip that involves flying, the last thing that they think to consider is how they are going to get to and from the airport. In a lot of cases, people drive themselves and park in either long-term or short-term parking or call upon a friend or family member to help provide the transportation. How many times can you ask for a ride from a friend without feeling burdensome? Oh, and what if the forecast calls for inclement weather on your departure day and you are stuck in the pouring rain waiting for a parking shuttle to take you to the terminal? Boulevard Limousine can help you get to the airport in a timely, classy manner without having to get wet or depend on a friend.

A lot of people know about airport shuttle service and taxis, but only small segment of the population knows about airport car services and the benefits they can provide travelers. There are vast differences between each type of transportation. Each with be discussed briefly as to what they are and how they can benefit you, the traveler.

Taxicabs are typically an on-demand service that people call upon at the time they need the ride. In rare cases, you can call ahead for a taxi to arrive at a specific time, but that option can vary from company to company. A benefit of going this route is that is you are typically taken directly to your destination, however if you are unfamiliar with the area you are traveling, the driver may take a detour adding miles and time to the trip resulting in an increased price since cab fares are based on a combination of distance and time. If you live in the city center, this is can be a cost effective way to get to the airport since most airports are typically close to the urban core, but if you live in the suburbans, the final price can be quite costly and it may even be difficult to locate a vehicle.

Airport shuttles are a mix between an on-demand service and a reservation based service. For a pick-up at your house, place of business, or a suburban hotel, having a reservation is best and may even be required. If you are visiting from out of town and are staying at a hotel in the city center, it is quite possible that you may be able to ride with an airport shuttle without having a reservation if seating is available. This method of transportation is likely to be the cheapest option of getting to the airport, however, it is likely that you are part of a shared-ride vehicle and several stops will be made to pick up additional passengers to fill every seat possible. If using an airport shuttle service to get to the airport, we recommend allowing extra time for those stops to be completed so that you don’t miss your flight. Also, consider whether or not the extra time you spent traveling to and from the airport is worth the money saved as often times it isn’t.

Airport car services are strictly reservation based. This means that regardless of where you are being picked up, whether it is at the airport, at your house, at your work or office, or at a hotel, you must have a reservation. Unlike taxicabs and airport shuttles, cars don’t make regular stops at hotels or stage in holding areas waiting to be hailed. In rare cases, car services are able to take last minute requests, but having a reservation placed well in advance of your travel time is best. Pricing for this type of transportation is going to be more expensive than shuttles and often times more expensive than a cab when traveling between the airport at the city center. When traveling between the airport and a suburb, you would be surprised at how competitive the price of an airport car service can be when compared to a taxicab and may even be cheaper.

There are many advantages of using a chauffeured transportation service over airport shuttles and taxicabs when traveling to and from the airport. Typically the vehicles used are newer and more luxurious with such amenities as leather seats and complimentary bottled water. Pricing is usually set at the time the reservation is placed, before the trip takes place, meaning that you will know what you are going to pay and it isn’t going to change because the driver decided to take a long way around to add a few miles to the trip and increase the number displayed on the meter. The hired vehicle will also be a private car so you will have it all to yourself and nobody else will be sharing it with you. This combination of having a private car and at a fixed price, you can be assured the your driver is going to go the most efficient route possible to get you to your destination.

So, the next time you are traveling, ask yourself a few questions for choosing how to get to the airport. Would you like to get to the airport as efficiently as possible without going a long, roundabout way to get there and without stopping for other passengers? Would you like to know what the total cost is going to be so that you can budget appropriately? Would you like to travel in a clean, newer, well-appointed vehicle and not an older, smelly car or a minivan? If you said yes to all of these questions, then consider hiring an airport car service such as Boulevard Limousine the next time you are about to fly out of town.