How to Fly First Class Without Having to Pay First Class Prices

Travel first class in both an airplane and by towncar service.

Enjoy such luxuries as wider seats, extra legroom, and complimentary premium beverages when flying in first class. Photo (c) Aaron Kohr via

After using first class airport transportation in Kansas City, upgrade from coach to first class.

We have all seen it while waiting to board the plane. The first class passengers are always the first group to get on and find their seats, their extra wide, extra plush seats with plenty of legroom. And prior to take off, they are even able to enjoy a beverage of their choice if they wish. The snacks handed out to that part of the cabin are far superior to the pouches containing 10 or 12 peanuts handed out to the rest of the fliers. What makes it even worse is that the flight crew parades the rest of the passengers through this elite cabin in such a way that it is like they are rubbing it in your face. Then, after the flight lands in the destination city, as if they didn’t get a chance to enjoy enough luxury, they are the first ones able to deplane and their luggage comes up the carousel first. But there are a few simple ways to be able to enjoy this comfort without necessarily having to pay hundreds of extra dollars.

Let’s first evaluate some of the extra costs you might incur if you continue with your current plan of flying coach. Are you checking any luggage? Only a couple of airlines remain that do not charge you for your first, sometimes your second, piece of checked luggage. The other airlines, well, they can charge you as much as $35 or more for the first piece, $50 or more for the second piece, and even much more for checking more than two pieces of luggage or if one of the checked pieces is a set of golf clubs, snow skis, or overweight. Are you wanting to enjoy a premium or alcoholic beverage in flight? Airlines can often charge as much as $8 each for those premium drinks. What if you get hungry mid-flight and the bag of peanuts isn’t enough for the remain 90 minutes of your air travel? Some airlines sell small snack packages or sandwiches and, like the checked bags and premium beverages, tend to be priced high. Are you a taller person and like extra legroom or prefer to sit in an extra row? You got it. Tack on another few bucks for that. So, checking two bags and having a couple of drinks during your flight can easily add $100 to the ticket that you already paid for.

Did you know that a lot of these add-on items are included in the fare of a first class ticket? When traveling up in the front part of the plane, you are welcome to a wide array for luxury items that are complimentary. Two checked bags, premium and alcoholic drinks, wide seats, extra leg room, a wider selection of snacks and food to choose from, all are a part of the first class experience. But how do you gain access to such benefits?

Probably the easiest way to upgrade your ticket from coach is at the time of check-in. Most airlines will give you the option to add on additional services ranging from in-flight internet, a movie, prepay for any checked bags you might have, or choosing an exit row seat. Most people overlook or ignore the option to upgrade their entire ticket from coach to first class because they think it is too expensive. Truth is that upgrading the ticket may cost a little as $49 per leg. If you are going to check a bag and have a drink in flight, those two items right there almost total as much as upgrading your seat selection. What’s even better is that you may be able to use some of your credit card points or frequent flier miles to pay for the upgrade.

A second way to upgrade your ticket is if you are flying to your honeymoon. When you are checking your bags in with the airline ticketing agent, just drop a little hint that you and your new spouse are flying out on your honeymoon. As a way of saying congratulations to you, the ticketing agent just might upgrade your ticket from those coach seats that you paid for. Who wouldn’t like a free upgrade? After all, you spent enough money on the wedding.

Members of the military traveling to or from training or deployments and wearing their uniforms are sure to grab the attention of everyone that is flying on the same plane. If there are open seats in first class, the flight attendants will often fill those seats with those that are brave enough to fight for our country. In some occasions, people who have bought first class seats for themselves will even give them up to active military as a way of thanking them for the service they provide and keeping us safe.

The next time you are flying and you want to experience the way the rich and famous fly, use these tips to help you upgrade from coach. Of course, you can always begin and end your travel experience in with the first class service of a car service regardless of which seat you sit in with you fly. Arrange your chauffeured transportation by call us at (913) 712-8375.

Do you have any other tips on air travel? If so, leave a comment below. And remember, travel confidently!

Tips for Quickly Reserving a Car Service

Arrange Your KC Airport Transportation Fast

Reserve Town Car Service

Hiring a car service is a great option over renting a car when traveling to a city in which you are unfamiliar


So, you are about to attend a seminar, conference, or meeting.  Have you booked airline tickets?  Check.  Hotel reserved?  Check.  Conference registration completed and paid for?  Check.  Lunch or dinner reservations set up?  Check.  But what about your airport transportation?

Often times the last thing a person thinks about when they are getting ready to travel is how they are going to get to and from the airport.  There are several routes to go, such as a taxi, shuttle, renting a car, etc.  In a previous blog post “What is an airport car service and how is it better than a taxi?”, we discuss the differences, the advantages if you will, on hiring a chauffeured vehicle over other service options.  But what about simply renting a car?  You could do that, and many people opt to do so because they want to have their freedoms of being able to go places without having to rely on some other mode of transportation, but how familiar are you with the city you are getting ready to travel to?  Will you feel comfortable driving in an area that you don’t know?  Even with today’s modern conveniences of smartphones and GPS navigation devices, those devices won’t tell you areas to avoid driving through do to bad road conditions, crime, etc.  This is when hiring a KC car service can come in handy.

When you are ready to book an airport car service, there are a few things that you should have ready before picking up the phone to call and place your reservations.  A brief rundown of the information you should have at the ready includes times, flight information, addresses, number of traveling passengers, and payment.

In order to appropriately schedule the vehicle, you are going to need the times of your flights, meetings, dinner reservations, etc. so that the reservation can be made to get you to your destination at the correct time.  If you are flying, have your flight itinerary available complete with airlines, flight numbers, and departure and arrival times.  For departures, having the complete flight information available allows the reservationist to recommend a time for pick-up.  Depending on what airline you are traveling with, security lines may typically be longer for the airline you are traveling on versus another, smaller airline, so additional time may be needed to ensure that you don’t miss your departing flight because of a long security line.  For arrivals, this information is used to track your arriving flight.  Professional chauffeurs have tools available to them that will alert them to flights arriving early or late as well as what terminal and gate your flight will be arriving.  There is nothing worse than having to wait for your driver because your flight arrived 20 minutes early or 3 hours late.  If you are using a car service to take a group of clients to dinner or you are meeting someone at a specific time, having the times of your dinner reservations or the start times of your meetings will help the reservationist schedule an appropriate pick-up time so that you arrive to your event on time.

Address information is also key to placing your ground transportation reservations.  If you are staying at a hotel, most hotels will already be loaded into the reservations software utilized by the transportation company, but it is important to make sure that you know exactly what hotel in which you have reservations.  Like hotels, if you are going to a restaurant, most restaurants are going to be pre-loaded into the software for easy look up.  If not, a simple internet search by the reservationist will yield the information required.  If you are going to an office or residence, it is important to have those addresses handy as it is unlikely the reservationist will have that information saved, unless you have traveled to that destination previously, to be able to make a complete reservation.  So, have information regarding your pick-up and drop-off points available.

How many travelers will there be in your group and how much luggage will you be traveling with?  If it is just one or two people traveling, a sedan may be a suitable choice.  However, if you are traveling with a large amount of luggage, maybe toting along a set or two of golf clubs, or have four or five people in your party, then a large vehicle, such as an SUV, may be a better solution for your transportation needs.  Knowing the number of people in your party and the amount of luggage you will be traveling with can help the reservationist suggest an appropriate vehicle for you needs.

And the last piece of information you are going to need for completing a reservation with a car service is a form of payment.  Typically, this is going to be in the form of a credit card, whether it be Visa, MasterCard, of American Express.  In some cases, you may be traveling for a company that has an in-house account established, but that is rare and usually has a credit card guarantee to it.  So, have a credit card ready for payment for your trip and know the billing information for that card as well.

Hopefully, you have found this to help you speed up the process of reserving your Kansas City limo service.  Have you found any other tips that have proven useful?  If so, leave your comments below.

Where to Meet Your Chauffeur at KCI Airport

Airport limo service

When arriving at KCI airport, traveling passengers are met inside the terminal at the exit to security by their car service driver.  It can be confusing trying to figure out which baggage claim your luggage is going to come up and we can help you find the proper carousel and assist you with your bags. Photo courtesy of

A ground transportation service shares a convenience at KCI Airport that isn’t enjoyed at many others.

Your plane has just landed in Kansas City.  As it taxis to the gate, the pilot says that you can pull our your cell phones and other portable electronic devices and turn them on and use them if you can reach them while you are still seated.  You, along with everyone else, cannot wait for your phone to boot after pressing that power button.  After checking to see if anyone sent you text messages or email or left you a voicemail while you were in flight, who is the first person that you need to contact?  Rest assured that when hiring a professional car service in Kansas City you don’t need to worry about contacting its dispatch to find the location of your chauffeur.

Unlike many other airports across the country, Kansas City International Airport makes it very convenient for arriving passengers to meet the people picking them up off their flights.  In fact, it is frequently commented by travelers how nice and easy it is to navigate through.  The short term parking garages are relatively cheap compared to those located in larger cities and are located near the arrival gates and baggage claims making it only a short walk to get inside the terminals.  Car services have added benefits because of the regular business they conduct inside the airport and the inspections completed by the police and security detail.  Properly licensed and permitted chauffeured vehicles are able to be parked curbside at the terminal and the driver is allowed to go inside to meet his passenger.

Because of the ability to park and leave the vehicle unattended at the curb coupled with the unique layout of KCI, arriving passengers are able to have their driver meet them inside almost at the gate.  In reality, travelers are met at the exit to security, but with the floorplan of the airport such as it is, only a short walk is required to get from the gate to the security exit.  From there, if you are traveling with checked bags, your chauffeur will assist you with any carry-on items that you would like help with and walk with you to the baggage claim.

The walk to baggage claim is short making the wait for bags to come up from the belly of the plane seem long.  This is really an illusion as the time that it takes for the carousel to begin operation at other airports is taken up by the long walk, and maybe even a tram ride, required to get from gate to baggage claim area.  On the plus side, this allows you plenty of time to stop and use the restroom or grab a cup of coffee.  After collection of your checked luggage, a brief walk through a couple sets of glass doors and to the center island and your vehicle will be parked waiting for you.

As you can see, the airport in Kansas City is convenient for hiring a car service and locating your chauffeur.  But as we all know, the City is talking about consolidating the current design into a single terminal, so this convenience may not be around for ever.  Enjoy it while you can and place your reservation with us by calling (913) 712-8375 today!

4 Tips for Finding Lost Luggage Fast

lost luggage

Airlines still lose luggage. Taking a picture of it using your cell phone can be helpful to the airline when a description of the lost item is needed. Photo is (c) Ungor via

Experienced Executive Sedan Service Provides Advice on Dealing with Lost Baggage

Unfortunately, even with all of the technology that is available today, airlines still occasionally lose checked luggage. It seems amazing that FedEx or UPS are able to take a package from one address to second address in a different state overnight with a high success rate, but airlines seem unable to achieve the same levels of success moving checked luggage between two airports. As a result, we have learned a few things that help make locating lost luggage easier and less stressful.

1. Have an ID Tag with your name, cell phone number, and email address

As basic as this may sound, not everyone includes all of this information on the tag that they strap to their luggage. Why? Maybe it is because they believe that their luggage is immune to getting lost. The more likely answer is that they didn’t have any ID tags on the luggage at the time they were checking their bags with the airline and opted for those paper ID tags provided by the airline. Feeling rushed, like they are holding up the line by having to take time to complete ID tags, they write down only a name and leave off any other information. Adding a cell phone number is helpful in the event that the airline didn’t lose your luggage but it was accidentally taken by another traveler, instead. In the event that you are traveling internationally where cell phone minutes are very expensive, have a cell phone with a dead battery, or packed your cell phone in with your checked but now lost luggage, providing an email address will make it capable to be contacted outside of using a cell phone.

As for providing a home phone number or home address on the ID tag, experts strongly advise against including such information. As your luggage circles the baggage carousel at the airport, the ID tag on the checked bag can be easily viewed by anyone. If someone with bad intentions happens to read your tag with your personal information on it, it makes you and easy target for theft as it is known you are traveling. Even having a home phone number on the ID tag is dangerous as numerous websites exist where an address can be obtained by doing a reverse search on the phone number.

2. Know the address of your destination

When you are talking with the airline agent in the baggage service office, one of the key pieces of information that is going to be requested an address in which your luggage can be delivered to once it is located. While most people can easily ramble off their home address, that isn’t much help when you are spending the next few days in a different city. In most cases, the airline can look up the address to the hotel that you are staying at as they will likely have an area directory of hotels, but having that information readily available will save time when filing the claim. If your luggage needs to be delivered to an address that isn’t your home or a hotel, a place such as a friend’s house or an office building, the airline won’t have that information and you must provide it. So, to ensure proper delivery, have the address of where you will want your baggage delivered available.

3. Know what is in your luggage

One of the questions you will be asked when filing the claim with the airline is what would be in the lost bag that would be specific to your bag. This could be anything from a certain article of clothing to a souvenir. This information is used in the event that all other identifying tools, such as the ID tags, are missing and that the airline can verify that the bag they have located is indeed yours.

4. Have a good description of your luggage

The key to expediting locating your lost luggage is having an accurate description of the lost bags including type, color, size and manufacturer. Is it a duffel bag? Maybe an upright roller? Is it hard-sided or soft-sided? Is it a Samsonite or a Briggs and Riley? If you are traveling with several pieces of checked luggage, it can become a chore remembering exactly what each piece looks like and who made it. An easy way to keep all this information handy should it be needed if your luggage is ever lost is to take a two or three pictures of each piece of luggage. Showing these pictures to the agent taking your claim at the airline’s baggage service office can help them get the most accurate description of your luggage possible.

We hope that these simple tips can help you quickly retrieve your luggage if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance that you and your luggage did not arrive at the same destination airport at the same time.


End of Summer Events in the KC Area

Use a KC Car Service to Get You There

Even though the kids have gone back to school, the days are getting shorter, the temperatures are beginning to fall, and the pumpkin spice beverages have reappeared, there is still plenty of time left to get out and enjoy Kansas City before we throw ourselves into full blown holiday mode.  Whether you enjoy going to a ball game or listening to live music by some of the biggest artists in music, don’t spend time hunting for a parking spot or cursing at the traffic.  Instead, remember the game and watch the band by taking Kansas City car service.

Flatlands Festival

September 12-14, 2013

Taking place at Sporting Park in KCK, this 3-day music festival features some of the hottest names in country music.  Thursday kicks off the event with a FREE SHOW including the well-known Charlie Daniels Band which is certain to play the super hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”  Friday is chock full of star studded performers including the ACM Vocal Duo of the Year Thompson Square, singer Rodney Atkins, singer Darius Rucker, and the ACM Entertainer of the Year Luke Bryan.  The festival concludes Saturday with local singer Travis Marvin (from Lee’s Summit MO), ACM Top Vocal Duo nominee Love and Theft, the ACM Female Vocalist of the Year Miranda Lambert, and Billboard’s Country Artist of the Decade Toby Keith.

Kansas City Chiefs Home Opener

September 15, 2013

Under the direction of a new head coach, Andy Reid, the KC Chiefs will be hosting their regular season home opener this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys.  Let’s welcome Jerry and his boy, Tony Romo, by showing them how football is played in the BBQ capital of the world!

Kansas City Royals Final Homestand

September 16-22, 2013

The Boys in Blue host the Cleveland Indians and the Texas Rangers at Kauffman Stadium during the final homestand of the regular season.  It has been a long time since we have been to the playoffs and there is a chance this year.  Head out to The K and cheer on Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, and the rest of the team as they host two teams fighting for a Wild Card seat.


September 16-17, 2013

This musical act formerly featured in Intel commercials is one the road for its first United States theatrical tour and is coming to the Lied Center at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.  Take your entire family to this exciting show that is suitable for all ages.

Jerry Seinfeld

September 19, 2013

Long time stand-up comedian and sit-com star Jerry Seinfeld is bringing his humor to the Topeka Performing Arts Center.  Known for being funny without having to be rude, nasty, or offensive, this show will not disappoint making you and your date laugh from beginning to end regardless of how long you have been a fan.

Mumford and Sons

September 20, 2013

Rescheduled from earlier this summer, Mumford and Sons will perform live at what is arguably the area’s most favored outdoor arena, Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre in Bonner Springs.  Even though the early part of the summer was mild, hopefully, with this later scheduled show, the weather will be absolutely perfect!

Nine Inch Nails

September 30, 2013

Nine Inch Nails brings their “Tension 2013” tour to one the world’s best venues, the Sprint Center.  This show will feature some of the music from their new album, Hesitation Marks, which was released on just September 3, 2013.  Before going to the concert, enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants across the street in the Kansas City Power and Light District.

Blake Shelton

October 3, 2013

CMA Entertainer of the Year and judge on “The Voice,” Blake Shelton brings his “Ten Times Crazier” tour to the Sprint Center.  This show will also feature rising country music star Easton Corbin with opener Jana Kramer.

Hollywood Casino 400

October 6, 2013

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series comes to the Kansas Speedway for its second time this year for a Sunday afternoon race.  This is the fourth race is the Chase for the Cup which features the Busch brothers fan favorites such as Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jimmie Johnson.  The Kansas Speedway is also very fan friendly as you can bring in your own food and drinks, including beer, as long as they fit inside a small, soft-sided cooler.  A pre-race concert by Everclear will be performed in the infield.

What is an airport car service and how is it better than a taxi?

Often times when people are about ready to take a trip that involves flying, the last thing that they think to consider is how they are going to get to and from the airport. In a lot of cases, people drive themselves and park in either long-term or short-term parking or call upon a friend or family member to help provide the transportation. How many times can you ask for a ride from a friend without feeling burdensome? Oh, and what if the forecast calls for inclement weather on your departure day and you are stuck in the pouring rain waiting for a parking shuttle to take you to the terminal? Boulevard Limousine can help you get to the airport in a timely, classy manner without having to get wet or depend on a friend.

A lot of people know about airport shuttle service and taxis, but only small segment of the population knows about airport car services and the benefits they can provide travelers. There are vast differences between each type of transportation. Each with be discussed briefly as to what they are and how they can benefit you, the traveler.

Taxicabs are typically an on-demand service that people call upon at the time they need the ride. In rare cases, you can call ahead for a taxi to arrive at a specific time, but that option can vary from company to company. A benefit of going this route is that is you are typically taken directly to your destination, however if you are unfamiliar with the area you are traveling, the driver may take a detour adding miles and time to the trip resulting in an increased price since cab fares are based on a combination of distance and time. If you live in the city center, this is can be a cost effective way to get to the airport since most airports are typically close to the urban core, but if you live in the suburbans, the final price can be quite costly and it may even be difficult to locate a vehicle.

Airport shuttles are a mix between an on-demand service and a reservation based service. For a pick-up at your house, place of business, or a suburban hotel, having a reservation is best and may even be required. If you are visiting from out of town and are staying at a hotel in the city center, it is quite possible that you may be able to ride with an airport shuttle without having a reservation if seating is available. This method of transportation is likely to be the cheapest option of getting to the airport, however, it is likely that you are part of a shared-ride vehicle and several stops will be made to pick up additional passengers to fill every seat possible. If using an airport shuttle service to get to the airport, we recommend allowing extra time for those stops to be completed so that you don’t miss your flight. Also, consider whether or not the extra time you spent traveling to and from the airport is worth the money saved as often times it isn’t.

Airport car services are strictly reservation based. This means that regardless of where you are being picked up, whether it is at the airport, at your house, at your work or office, or at a hotel, you must have a reservation. Unlike taxicabs and airport shuttles, cars don’t make regular stops at hotels or stage in holding areas waiting to be hailed. In rare cases, car services are able to take last minute requests, but having a reservation placed well in advance of your travel time is best. Pricing for this type of transportation is going to be more expensive than shuttles and often times more expensive than a cab when traveling between the airport at the city center. When traveling between the airport and a suburb, you would be surprised at how competitive the price of an airport car service can be when compared to a taxicab and may even be cheaper.

There are many advantages of using a chauffeured transportation service over airport shuttles and taxicabs when traveling to and from the airport. Typically the vehicles used are newer and more luxurious with such amenities as leather seats and complimentary bottled water. Pricing is usually set at the time the reservation is placed, before the trip takes place, meaning that you will know what you are going to pay and it isn’t going to change because the driver decided to take a long way around to add a few miles to the trip and increase the number displayed on the meter. The hired vehicle will also be a private car so you will have it all to yourself and nobody else will be sharing it with you. This combination of having a private car and at a fixed price, you can be assured the your driver is going to go the most efficient route possible to get you to your destination.

So, the next time you are traveling, ask yourself a few questions for choosing how to get to the airport. Would you like to get to the airport as efficiently as possible without going a long, roundabout way to get there and without stopping for other passengers? Would you like to know what the total cost is going to be so that you can budget appropriately? Would you like to travel in a clean, newer, well-appointed vehicle and not an older, smelly car or a minivan? If you said yes to all of these questions, then consider hiring an airport car service such as Boulevard Limousine the next time you are about to fly out of town.