Limos for Proms & Formals

Create lasting memories with your friends and arrive at the big dance in style with the best prom limos in Kansas City.

Prom is one of the most anticipated events to occur in high school and every teen wants to have a memorable evening.  Parents also want their children to have the best prom possible and want the evening to not only be enjoyable, but safe as well.  Boulevard Limousine has the best prom limos and is dedicated to creating the best prom limo experience in Kansas City, for both the teens and the parents.

As Kansas City’s best provider of prom transportation, Boulevard Limousine strives to help make the night magical for all involved.  From the time the prom limo arrives, you will notice a clean vehicle stocked with soft drink refreshments for enjoyment throughout the evening driven by a trained, sharply dressed chauffeur.  The stereo system in each vehicle is equipped with audio input capabilities so the riders can enjoy their favorite music or custom playlists they have built while riding with their group throughout the evening.  The chauffeur will treat the prom-goers with respect, professionalism and courtesy and is willing to serve and assist the prom group including finding awesome locations for photos and even taking photos of the group as requested.

While both teens and parents want the best limo for prom, parents have additional concerns when it comes to the safety of their children.  Parents are already anxious enough when it comes to their children driving because of distractions and lack of experience with studies showing that the leading cause of death for teenagers is accidents.  On prom night, a survey from AAA found that 41% of high schools teens said they expected themselves or a friend to consume drugs or alcohol. Of those students that admitted to drinking alcohol, 54% of them reported drinking more than three alcoholic beverages.  If you are a parent of a daughter, research shows that 20% of female high school students are victims of sexual or physical abuse from their dates with that percentage increasing.  And while all these facts are scary, as a parent you can rest easy knowing that your children are using Boulevard Limousine.

In order to ride as a passenger in any of our prom limos, Boulevard Limousine requires each passenger to have a completed Prom Pledge.  This agreement sets for a set of rules and guidelines to maximize the safety and enjoyment of all riders.  These include a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and other illegal activity.  The partition between the chauffeur and the passenger compartment is also to remain open so that the chauffeur can make sure that no sexual or physical abuse is occurring.  The Prom Pledge also has contact information for parents in the extremely unlikely event that the chauffeur needs to get ahold of a parent.  The chauffeur will also give his or her contact information to all parents at the time of pickup so that the parent may get in touch with the chauffeur if needed.  And because safety is top of mind for Boulevard Limousine, your chauffeur has been carefully screened and trained to ensure the safety of all those involved in choosing the best prom limo for the group.

And while we have talked all about prom so far, prom is not the only school event that a limo is rented.  We provide limo service for many school and formal events including:

  • Homecoming Dances
  • Graduation Parties
  • Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dances
  • Fraternity and Sorority Fundraiser and Formal Events
  • Awards Banquets
  • And much, much more…

When needing a limousine for Prom of Homecoming, choose the best and let Boulevard Limousine make your night magical.