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Local Streets Grains and Grapes

Boulevard Limousine is proud to announce a truly unique and customizable package to help you and your party enjoy your time in any of our beautiful stretch limousines or buses.  First, purchase a “Street” of points.  Using the Street of points purchased, select from a variety of area brews, spirits, and/or wines, as well as mixers, each having a specific point value.  The total points from your selections are to add to a total collective point value not to exceed the point value of the Street purchased.  Congratulations!  You have just built your custom Local Streets Grains and Grapes Package!

Need a few more points but do not want to move up to the next Street?  Just add an “Alley.”  Just like you would expect with a road network, Allies help provide additional service without having to upgrade to the next Street.

Each package includes use of coolers provided by Boulevard Limousine and plenty of extra ice to help keep your drinks cold for hours.  Upon request, plastic drinking cups may also be provided.  Due to ordinances and licensing at local establishments, we request that all open containers remain onboard our vehicles.  Once we have reached your final destination, you may collect any unconsumed beverages included in your package and take them with you.

Enhance your experience with Boulevard Limousine and take a back road with your own custom Local Streets Grain and Grapes package!



Point Value





Minimum Purchase – Typically enough for a round or two for each person, but also allows for a few spirits and mixers.




Entry point for many of the premium spirits, but could also allow for an extra round or another glass




Allows for a couple more premium spirits plus mixers or can allow for a tasting of many brews/wines from different breweries/wineries.




Like an open road, this allows for a good sampling of brews, spirits, and wines pleasing all parties and their preferred beverage type.




Can be added to any Street. Add an Alley for a few more points without having to upgrade to the next Street.


Click here for a PDF of the brews available.

Click here for a PDF of the spirits available.

Click here for a PDF of the wines available.

Click here for a PDF of the mixers available.

Click here for a PDF for information including website and city for each of the Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries from which the available products are sourced.

**  All members of the party must be of age 21 or older.  We reserve the right to limit consumption rates for the safety of our passengers.  Please remember to drink responsibly.

Engagement Package

Thinking of popping the big question? Let the professional staff at Boulevard Limousine help you with the details. Imagine surprising her with a trip in one of our luxurious stretch limousines, having dinner at an upscale restaurant, then popping the question in front of one of the city's landmarks. How could she refuse?


For only $399 plus chauffeur gratuity, our engagement package includes up to 4 hours of service in one of our 8-passenger stretch limousines, red carpet roll-out at the location of your choice, complimentary bottle of champagne or sparkling cider, assistance making dinner reservations, and, if you like, your chauffeur capturing video/pictures of the proposal on your device for you to share. Call today and make it an engagement she will be bragging about to all of her friends!

Shopping Package

Ladies love to go out with their friends and go shopping, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful. First you have to remember where that particular store was, then you have to worry about parking. Now your hands are full of recent purchases but you aren't done and don't really want to waste time walking back to the car. Next time, make your shopping experience really enjoyable and hire Boulevard Limousine. For only $369 plus chauffeur gratuity, receive up to 4 hours of service in one of our 8-passenger stretch limousines. This is great package deal is available any day of the week, but on Fridays and Saturdays the trip must be completed by 4 PM. Call us today and enjoy a shopping experience with your friends that you won't soon forget!

Custom Package

Do you have a general idea of what you ware wanting but don't know how to put all the pieces together?  Let one of the professionals at Boulevard Limousine assist you.  We have established and developed relationships with all sorts of companies in various industries allowing us work together and help create a great experience for you by creating a custom package.  So, if you are looking for a truly unique experience while saving some money, contact us today and we can discuss your options.

Package Limitations

With each of the packages offered by Boulevard Limousine, vehicles are subject to availability and certain blackout dates may apply.  Additional hours beyond those specified in the package deal are billed at the regular rate plus chauffeur gratuity and any applicable fees.  Additional limitations may apply.

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